Production Risk Management

TNC Illinois Climate Assesment

TNC’s statewide climate assessment brought together the expertise of more than 40 scientists and technical experts to explain the most up-to-date information on how climate change is expected to affect Illinois.

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NOAA Illinois State Climate Summary

The 2022 versions of NOAA State Climate Summaries represent a new and improved summary for each state that provides more up-to-date information on observed changes in climate, including both long-term trends and extreme weather events relevant to that state.

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AFT’s CaRPE Tool

The Carbon Reduction Potential Evaluation Tool™, or CaRPE Tool, is a web-based interactive tool that allows users to quickly visualize and quantify greenhouse gas, or GHG, emission reductions resulting from the implementation of a suite of cropland and grazing land conservation management practices.​

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AFT Combatting Climate Change on US Cropland

This report focuses on the significant potential of no-till and cover crop practices to increase soil carbon sequestration and reduce nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions for a net reduction in GHG emissions. This report summarizes the current state of the science surrounding these practices and their impact on SOC and GHG emissions, including important limitations of our current understanding. Additionally, the authors outline an achievable path toward harnessing the sequestration potential of U.S. soils.

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ISAP’s Ecosystem Market Information Fact Sheet

ISAP’s Ecosystem Market Information fact sheet provides a brief overview of carbon and water quality credits, a list of planning resources to assist in evaluating market potential, and tabular overviews of ten different market and program opportunities.

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Ecosystem Market Webinar Series

ISAP led a partnership comprised of organizations from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin to host these webinars and develop informational materials designed to engage farmers and farm advisors in the exploration of ecosystem market opportunities.

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