Rainfall Simulator

ISAP’s rainfall simulator is an interactive, educational tool that demonstrates how rainfall interacts with soil under five different field scenarios. Each field scenario is an example of various conservation practices, so viewers can easily observe differences between fields that are heavily tilled and fields with living covers. Other scenarios show the effects of various residue levels. The trays are filled with 2.5-inch-deep slabs of soil pulled (as undisturbed as possible) from an actual field to replicate the interaction of rainfall at the soil surface. The simulator then applies an equal amount of simulated rainfall across the trays to show how water will react with the environment.

The rainfall simulator is a great tool to show the beneficial effects of conservation practices in action. Click the button below to request ISAP's rainfall simulator for your upcoming event or field day!

In addition to the trailer rainfall simulator, we also have a tabletop rainfall simulator as a more mobile option for showcasing examples of soil infiltration. If you are interested in using the tabletop simulator at an upcoming event, please fill out this request form. 

The short video below shows a demonstration of the tabletop rainfall simulator in action!

If you have any questions about ISAP's Rainfall Simulator or your reservation, please reach out to Bena Pegg at outreach@ilsustainableag.org.