Alphabet Soup


ISAP’s Alphabet Soup program provides training and networking opportunities for agronomists, researchers, educators, conservation practitioners, and industry partners. Events include workshops, webinars, and happy hours where members explore issues, discuss strategies and program needs, and share resources related to nutrient loss reduction and conservation practices. If you are interested in joining the next Alphabet Soup gathering, please fill out the request form below.   

Participants Share Learnings, Reflections from ISAP’s Grow More Training

By ISAP Coordinator | May 12, 2023

In April, the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) hosted a training opportunity for conservation professionals to better understand how decision-making and behavior-change science influence conservation practice adoption. This training opportunity…

Alphabet Soup Convenes Ag Professionals to Analyze Cognitive Biases

By Bartlett Durand | May 10, 2022

During ISAP’s first convening of Alphabet Soup in 2022, over 60 conservation professionals, farmers, government agents, researchers, and industry representatives came together to talk about how behavioral science impacts their…


By ISAP Coordinator | August 20, 2020

Did you happen to miss our most recent Alphabet Soup event? Don’t worry, we recorded the event so you can watch it! This free, online event expands on the “Conservation…


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