Annual Report

2023 was a big year for ISAP as we embarked upon and completed the journey to becoming an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Members worked diligently to complete this task while maintaining a high momentum for our traditional programming. ISAP is excited to share many of the 2023 achievements in the latest version of the Annual Report.

ISAP’s 2023 highlight reel includes graduating another class from our Advanced Soil Health Training, which focused on crop consultants, publishing an Overview of Carbon Markets resource, developing and publishing An Introduction to Soil Health Practices, using the Rainfall Simulator to engage with captive audiences at numerous field days, and continuing to host a statewide cover crop peer network.

2022 impacts


In 2021, ISAP remained committed to working collaboratively to advance sustainable agriculture in Illinois and provided programs addressing a rapidly changing climate and uncertain markets. The Partnership is proud to share many of the year’s accomplishments in the 2021 Annual Report and looks forward to continuing this important work throughout 2022.  

2021 Impact


ISAP is excited to have published its 2020 Annual Report highlighting efforts to strengthen Illinois agriculture and expand partnership capacity amid an unexpected and challenging year. The report features our newly adopted Theory of Change and recaps partnership activities to improve soil health and reduce nutrient loss.

2020 Impacts Report