Soil Health & In-Field Management

Soil health

ISAP’s Soil Health and In-Field Management programs emphasize the use of reduced tillage, cover crops, and nutrient management to reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality. ISAP promotes the adoption of these practices by equipping farmers and their advisors with the most up to date resources, research, and trainings on the benefits of soil health and in-field conservation practices. 

Advanced Soil Health Training

ISAP developed the Advanced Soil Health Training (ASHT) to support Illinois farmers, retailers, crop advisors, and conservation professionals as they improve their understanding of soil health science and the production management changes needed to maximize on-farm benefits of soil health systems. The intensive classroom and in-field training model spans 18 months and graduates are encouraged to share what they learn through presentations and field days.

The intensive training model includes six two-day sessions over 18 months and covers topics like soil structure, chemistry, and biology; cover crop selection, management, and termination; planting and tillage equipment; field day demonstrations training; and communication and outreach strategies. Graduates from this train-the-trainer program continue to expand the impact of their learnings by hosting field days and educational sessions for farmers and other local practitioners as well as working with farmers one-on-one to provide technical assistance. Utilize our on-line story map to find a specialist near you.  

“I wanted to gain a larger perspective on soils and how cover crops might enhance soil for myself and my customers. I have a lot of people that ask me about the value of cover crops and what they actually do for them. Since we’ve had this training, I can do a better job of explaining how we can change the structure of the soil and use a more systems approach. I think at least it’s easier for me to talk about it.”

Dean Oswald | Kewanee, Illinois

2017 Graduate

“I’m so glad you had this. I especially like hearing from other growers, I think that’s where I learn the most. …this course is helping me to see how to measure things environmentally.”

Stephanie Porter | Agronomist

2019 Graduate

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