Soil Health & In-Field Management


ISAP’s Soil Health and In-Field Management programs emphasize the use of reduced tillage, cover crops, and nutrient management to reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality. ISAP promotes the adoption of these practices by equipping farmers and their advisors with the most up to date resources, research, and trainings on the benefits of soil health and in-field conservation practices. 

An Introduction to Soil Health Practices

In 2023, ISAP’s published An Introduction to Soil Health Practices, which identifies and explains the cause of several conditions that often lead to common resource or agronomic concerns for farmers, including erosion, compaction, weed pressure, and nutrient loss. Featuring the experiences of six Illinois farmers and referencing scientific research throughout, this resources offers practical solutions that will address these common concerns while building soil health and supporting more resilient farming systems in Illinois.

ISAP’s Introduction to Soil Health Practices highlights practical benefits that can be achieved by the adoption of conservation practices, focusing on practices that have potential for statewide application.

Soil Health Leadership Program

Farmers, advisors and conservation professionals looking to sharpen their skills and further Illinois’ stewardship practices are encouraged to apply for ISAP's Soil Health Leadership Program (previously titled Advanced Soil Health Training). The program, which brings together diverse participants working together to improve agricultural environmental stewardship, is now looking to fill its sixth graduating class.

ISAP developed the training program to support Illinois farmers, retailers, crop advisors, and conservation professionals as they improve their understanding of soil health science and the production management changes needed to maximize on-farm benefits of soil health systems. The intensive classroom and in-field training model spans 18 months and graduates are encouraged to share what they learn through presentations and field days.


Access a variety of program related resources.

Advanced Soil Health Training graduates and trainees can access course materials here.