Network of Practitioners


Cultivating a network of agriculture and conservation professionals amplifies ISAP’s ability to work with farmers across the state. By creating opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer learning, ISAP leverages the collective expertise that exists within Illinois agriculture to advance our shared goals of improving soil health and reducing nutrient loss. 

Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON)

ISAP convenes cover crop specialists from across Illinois and the broader Midwest region for monthly discussions to explore new research, troubleshoot field conditions, and provide updates on policies and programs related to cover crops. Engaging with presentations by experts, researchers, and industry leaders, our ICCON calls provide an opportunity to share knowledge and network with a strong community of cover crop enthusiasts.  

To stay up to date on upcoming calls, receive follow up notes and call recordings, and stay in touch with the ICCON Network, please join our google group. If you have any trouble accessing the group or would like to suggest a topic for an upcoming call, please email 

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Berseem Clover Provides Cover Benefits and Forage Opportunities

By Torey Colburn | March 14, 2023

On February 8th, the Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON) was joined by Dr. Kim Cassida, Extension Specialist for Forages and Cover Crops for Michigan State University to discuss Berseem…

Maximizing Camelina’s Potential as an Overwintering Cover Crop

By ISAP Coordinator | January 25, 2023

The Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON) continued their four-part winter series exploring new and emerging cover crops in January with a presentation on Camelina.  This month, Dr. Joel Gruver,…

Illinois Researchers Develop CoverCress to Meet Sustainable Aviation Fuel Goals

By ISAP Coordinator | January 6, 2023

The Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON) continued their four-part winter series exploring new and emerging cover crops in December. ICCON was joined by Dr. Win Phippen, Professor of Plant…

Balansa Outperforms Other Clovers in Spring Biomass Growth

By Torey Colburn | December 7, 2022

The Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON) kicked off their four-part winter series exploring new and emerging cover crops on November 9th. ICCON was joined by Nathan Johanning, Commercial Agriculture…

Diverse Crop Rotation Reduces Nitrate Loss Through Tile Drainage on Illinois Farm

By ISAP Coordinator | October 11, 2022

During the September call of the Illinois Cover Crop On-farm Network (ICCON), Mr. Lowell Gentry shared his research and insights on the impact of a more diverse crop rotation on…

Farmers Grow Rye to Advance Regenerative Agriculture and Support Kentucky Bourbon

By ISAP Coordinator | May 24, 2022

When people think of Kentucky, many things may come to mind: horse racing and fancy hats, large buckets of fried chicken, or even Kentucky bourbon!   Kentucky has a long…

Midwest Cover Crops Council Serves as Resource Hub for Cover Crop Enthusiasts

By ISAP Coordinator | February 4, 2022

Last week, the Illinois Cover Crop On-Farm Network (ICCON) was joined by Anna Morrow, program manager with the Midwest Cover Crops Council (MCCC). The MCCC facilitates the widespread adoption of…

Alphabet Soup

ISAP’s Alphabet Soup program provides training and networking opportunities for agronomists, researchers, educators, conservation practitioners, and industry partners. Events include workshops, webinars, and happy hours where members explore issues, discuss strategies and program needs, and share resources related to nutrient loss reduction and conservation practices. If you are interested in joining the next Alphabet Soup gathering, please fill out the request form below.   

ISAP Specialist Network

In line with ISAP’s train-the-trainer philosophy, individuals who have completed training with ISAP are asked to share information with farmers and others in their network and their community. Crop advisors, agency staff, and individual farmers are all available to share what they’ve learned at local field days and through one-on-one consultation. Utilize our interactive Conservation Story Map to find a specialist near you.  


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