ISAP members gather for a farm tour at R Wildflower Farm and Fields in McLean County, Illinois.

Membership in the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership demonstrates commitment to advance the use of conservation practices for improved soil health and water quality. Members will promote and communicate this commitment throughout their own organization and to their customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, members, and other relevant actors throughout the agriculture sector.  

Members are expected to support and contribute to ISAP’s working groups, committees and task forces and are responsible for providing leadership in and from their respective area of expertise. Members are also responsible for ensuring that their commitment to ISAP’s objectives is substantiated by adequate financial and personnel resources within their organizations. 

Members in good standing will be listed on ISAP’s website and provided opportunities to promote programming through ISAP communication channels, access to resources, and the ability to shape ISAP program priorities. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee, determined by the size of the member’s annual budget. Additional  information on ISAP membership, including expectations, obligations, and benefits, are outlined in ISAP’s Membership Policy. 

Entities who are interested in applying for membership with ISAP should complete a New Member Application form and submit it to ISAP Board Members will review, and vote on, applications at bi-monthly board meetings (in 2024: Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec).

For additional information on ISAP's membership policy or ISAP's new member acceptance process, please email