Ray Archuleta, Dave Brandt, Gabe Brown and Allen Williams, Ph.D. have teamed up to help other producers practically and successfully apply soil health-focused, regenerative agriculture systems through their new venture, Soil Health Consultants, LLC. The firm’s four founders are widely considered to be among the most preeminent pioneers, innovators and advocates in today’s soil health and regenerative agricultural movement. SHC’s on-farm consulting work focuses on integrating ecological principles (bio-mimicry) that emulate nature’s time-tested design—soil health principles that can be applied practically and profitably in any farming operation.  To learn more, visit www.soilhealthconsultants.com .

In addition, Allen Williams is organizing three grazing workshops in Illinois this month.

Join soil and livestock expert Dr. Allen Williams for three farmer and rancher focused events on how to use adaptive livestock grazing to improve soil health, forage production and farm finances. Organized by the Pasture Project and hosted by three different livestock operations, the events will features a short presentation on adaptive grazing principles and pasture walk to demonstrate how adaptive management principles can be successfully put into practice on a range of different farm operations and landscapes. Tips on how to optimize economic and ecological benefits of adaptive management will be covered, as will how to troubleshoot common challenges faced during the transition to adaptive management.

While all events will cover the fundamentals of adaptive grazing, each pasture walk will focus on the unique livestock operation of the host farm. Beef cow, dairy cow, and sheep operations will be featured and the hosting farmers will join Dr. Williams to share how they have transitioned to adaptive management, including some of the challenges they’ve overcome.

Click HERE TO VIEW more information and the registration link.

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