The Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Podcast

University of Illinois Extension has created an Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction podcast. This podcast began in June and typically releases one episode a month. The first podcast, hosted by Todd E. Gleason, features discussion from Jonathon Copess, Dr. Laura Gentry, Jennifer Woodyard, and Haley Haverback on an introduction of why this podcast was created, what the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy is, and future updates. Listen to Episode 01: Nutrient Loss Education Strategy or click on the video on the bottom of this page.

The podcast is housed on the WILL Ag Webpage

There’s also a link where those interested can subscribe to the podcast to receive an email when a new episode is released by Subscribing HERE

Please feel free to share either of those links if you would like. The more promotion of this podcast, the more attention and great materials there will be to learn from and gain.

For more information or to find out more about this please contact:

Jennifer Woodyard
Watershed Outreach Associate
University of Illinois Extension – Unit 21
1209 Wenthe Dr
Effingham, IL 62401
Phone: 217-347-7773

Haley Haverback
Watershed Outreach Associate
University of Illinois Extension – Unit 7
358 Front St
Galva, IL 61434
Phone: 309-337-5816

ISAP Coordinator