Soil plays a critical role in our lives – it provides nutrition in the food we eat; filters our water; cleans our air; provides habitat for wildlife and pollinators; sequesters carbon; and sustains the livelihoods of millions of farmers and ranchers worldwide who preserve and nurture this precious resource.

The Soil Health Institute Communications and Education Action Team compiled the following Catalog of Soil Health Educational Resources to help educators teach students and adults about the critical functions that soil plays in sustaining life on earth.

This team identified existing soil health resources – developed by public and private sector organizations – and organized them by audience and subject matter to help educators develop soil health lesson plans and demonstrations; and to help students explain, engage in and advocate for soil health issues, and soil health’s benefits to agriculture, the environment and local communities.

The Soil Health Institute would like to acknowledge Beth Mason of the National Association of Conservation Districts, Ron Nichols, formerly of USDA-NRCS, Lisa Bellows of North Central Texas College, Gretchen Sassenrath of Kansas State University, Sami Tellatin at University of Missouri, Caroline Wade of The Nature Conservancy, Susan Schultz of SMS Consulting and Earth Team Volunteer, Jessica Handy of Kiss the Ground, Gary Farrell of the Washington State Soil Health Committee and Scott Jones of Regenerative Farming Practices for their contributions.

The Communications and Education Action Team would appreciate your assistance in identifying any additional soil health educational resources. If you are interested in recommending a new resource, please submit this resource at the bottom of the page.

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ISAP Coordinator