Partner Spotlight: AISWCD

The Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts (AISWCD) is a grass roots non-profit organization formed in 1948, made up of and serving Illinois’ 97 member Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs).

Conservation Districts work to protect Illinois’ greatest assets – the rich, fertile soils and water resources of the state through strategic conservation efforts. For several decades, SWCDs have worked in conjunction with agricultural and environmental stakeholders to protect and sustain the viability of Illinois’ natural resources for future generations through voluntary conservation efforts.

AISWCD has been a member of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) since 2019 and provides valuable support to the Partnership’s policy committee work. AISWCD’s membership strengthens ISAP’s ability to engage with resource and conservation professionals across the state to advance soil health and nutrient loss reduction.

In July, conservation-minded farmers and SWCD employees from across the state gathered to share knowledge of current topics and celebrate conservation successes of the past year during the AISWCD’s Annual Meeting in Springfield, Illinois.


Grant Hammer, AISWCD Executive Director, welcomes attendees during the Annual Meeting’s Opening Ceremony.


Several ISAP members, including American Farmland Trust (AFT), Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association, and University of Illinois Extension shared their expertise as speakers throughout the two-day event.


Jean Brokish, ISAP Coordinator and Midwest Deputy Director with AFT, presents on carbon market opportunities for farmers.


Presenters discussed various topics affecting agriculture and conservation including climate change mitigation, on-farm renewable energy, and carbon market opportunities. Attendees also heard from leaders in watershed planning, producer-led conservation groups, and advancing regenerative agriculture. AISWCD presented awards to SCWD directors and employees, farm families, conservation partners, and lawmakers to honor their contributions to conservation over the previous year.


AISWCD Annual Meeting attendees


To stay engaged with the Association’s work, visit their website and subscribe to their weekly newsletter. For technical assistance or support with addressing local resource concerns, contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District.

ISAP Coordinator