LICA to join the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership

The Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association (ILICA) is a not-for-profit, trade association that provides contractors education, business, and legislative resources. ILICA encourages high standards of workmanship in resource management & land improvement; provides contractors education on the newest technology, practices, standards, regulation, and legislation impacting the industry; and gives contractors the necessary business resources and tools to provide their companies growth, sustainability, and adequate income.

For over 60 years, ILICA has been bringing people with similar interests and passions for improving our natural resources together. Our contractors, throughout the state, are educated and committed to the professional conservation of our soil & water resources. Comprised of over 230 members, ILICA contractors are involved with excavation, earthmoving, landscaping, drainage, on-site waste treatment, paving, reclamation, trucking, boring and more.

ILICA’s interest in formally joining the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) originates from the shared goal “…to increase the understanding and adoption of practices and whole farm systems that improve agricultural sustainability, water quality, soil health, nutrient stewardship and conservation.” For over 50 years, ILICA has partnered with various agencies, organizations, and companies around the state to hold public soil and water conservation shows, demonstrations, and education events. Over the decades, these events have educated tens of thousands of farmers, educators, politicians, agency personnel, contractors, and the general public on conservation practices and management techniques vital to sustainable agriculture. Joining forces with ISAP provides ILICA yet another opportunity to provide resources to our valuable conservation partners and strengthen our statewide conservation efforts, continuing our mission “To promote, perpetuate and improve the proper use of our renewable natural resources for the benefit of all.”

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ISAP Coordinator