Thank you for all that joined members of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership for our 3-part 2020 webinar series highlighting the use of land stewardship and soil health management as a tool to mitigate production and market risks.



Did you happen to miss the webinar or did you like it so much that you wish someone you knew could have been there?

Click here to watch Webinar 1!Week 1 (June 18) webinar features Eric Snodgrass as he breaks down what IL farmers should expect over the next 30 years for climate and how these changes will impact farm production.
Click here to watch Webinar 2!Week 2 (June 25) webinar showcases how soil health management systems improve working capital. LaSalle County farmer Carl Zimmerman will share his perspective, and his budget sheets!
Click here to watch Webinar 3Week 3 (July 2) webinar discusses how companies across the ag supply chain are responding to consumer demand for sustainably produced products.