ISAP is committed towards providing a suite of resources available to conservation practitioners to help amplify our shared message. Read more below to view our different resources.


  1. Rainfall Simulator:
    • Interested in using ISAP's rainfall simulator for your next upcoming event or field day? Sign-up today for your next event or field day!
  2. Farm Demonstration Sites:
    • Several on-farm Demonstration Sites have been established in Illinois to combine agronomic and conservation practices demonstrations with water quality monitoring. Click here to view these sites. 
  3. Free Water Confidential Testing:
  4. Soil Health Factsheets:
  5. Cover Crops 101:
    • Planting cover crops shouldn't be confusing, click here on our Cover Crops 101 page to help guide you.
  6. Advanced Soil Health Training Graduate Materials:
    • Are you a previous Advanced Soil Health Training Graduate? Our password protected page will give you all the materials covered during the workshop series.
  7. Advanced Conservation Drainage Graduate Materials:
    • Are you a previous Advanced Conservation Drainage Graduate? Our password protected page will give you all the latest materials covered during the three session workshop series.
  8. Conservation Story Map:
    • Illinois has a wide array of engaging stories and conservation practices. Check out the Conservation Story Map to read more.
  9. S.T.A.R. Program:
    • Farmers who are interested in adopting new practices or starting the journey to improved soil health can benefit from having a longer-term plan and clear expectations of the steps involved by signing-up for the S.T.A.R Program.
  10. Soil Health Educational Catalog
    • The Soil Health Institute Communications and Education Action Team compiled the following Catalog of Soil Health Educational Resources to help educators teach students and adults about the critical functions that soil plays in sustaining life on earth.