Navigating A Few ISAP Farmer Resources in the Face of COVID-19

Many of us are being impacted by the corona-virus pandemic—especially our farmers. ISAP partners are trying to navigate this by providing aid and educational materials to those that are directly impacted in Illinois and beyond. ISAP’s foundation stems from collaboration and positive movements for improving agriculture and water quality in Illinois—and that is why we are proud to stand together through this and provide just a few key resources.

Below are some resources and programs featured from ISAP’s partners. Please share far and wide:

American Farmland Trust:

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting businesses that rely on direct contact with their customers, including farmers and ranchers that primarily sell their products through farmers markets and to restaurants, schools, and other institutions.

In fact, a new report estimates that local and regional food systems could lose up to $1.3 billion between just March and May of this year.

To help directly support farmers impacted by the current crisis, American Farmland Trust has launched a new Farmer Relief Fund. 100% of donations to the fund will go directly to farmers. Please consider donating today or please apply, if eligible:

University of Illinois:

The farmdoc team discusses the impact and influence of the Coronavirus on farmers and agriculture.  As we learn more we’ll update this page with articles and videos to help inform our audience:

Tune in for this short video discussing the coronavirus:

Western Illinois University:

Western Illinois University has developed a map that is tracking the number of confirmed cases, affected counties and deaths in Illinois and US. WIU GIS experts developed this site in cooperation with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois State Police:



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