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NLRS Podcast

This monthly podcast cover topics related to the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.

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MCCC Cover Crop Decision Tool

The Cover Crop Decision Tools are an initiative by the MCCC to consolidate cover crop information by state to help farmers make cover crop selections at the county level. The information and ratings contained in the Cover Crop Decision Tool is the team consensus based on literature, research results, on-farm experience and practical knowledge.

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MCCC Cover Crop Modules

MCCC is offering cover crop slide sets available for free use by any educator in the U.S. and can be adapted to meet local needs. MCCC has presented these slide sets as live webinars, and the recordings and slide sets will be posted after each presentation.

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Iowa State Cover Crop Decision Tree

This publication provides best management recommendations for farmers and landowners getting started with conservation and water quality practices by helping select and incorporate in-field and edge-of-field conservation practices most appropriate to the decision maker’s land and preferences.

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University of Purdue Cover Crops Resources

The Agronomy Extension of Purdue University has several resources available for cover crop establishment and termination.

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Penn State Cover Crops and Herbicide Carryover Resource

Soybean Herbicides and Rotation to Cover Crops

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NREC Cover Crop Guide

This 16-page Cover Crop Guide was created through the collaboration of NREC-funded researchers. NREC, along with the researchers, is encouraging producers to “think a systems approach” when planting cover crops, rather than thinking of cover crops only as an additional input.

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Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator

This website provides a process to calculate economic return to N application with different nitrogen and corn prices and to find profitable N rates directly from recent N rate research data. The method used follows a regional approach for determining corn N rate guidelines that is implemented in several Corn Belt states.

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TNC Edge of Field Roadmap

“Leading at the Edge: A Roadmap to Advance Edge of Field Practices in Agriculture” – This Roadmap outlines the path to successfully achieve the scale of action needed to realize widespread water and wildlife benefits. Developed through a months-long collaborative effort, the Roadmap charts actionable steps and describes the necessary tools to help the food and agriculture sector transform U.S. working landscapes and achieve its conservation goals.

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Illinois Drainage Research and Outreach Program (I-DROP) – Ten Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Loads from Drained Cropland in the Midwest

The IDROP Ten Ways strategies include in-field cropping and management strategies (i.e., practices that reduce nitrate in the root zone), in-field strategies that modify the drainage system (i.e., practices that reduce delivery of nitrate to the field’s edge), and edge-of-field strategies (i.e., practices that remove nitrate at the edge of the field or downstream).

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