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Illinois Drainage Research and Outreach Program (I-DROP) – Ten Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Loads from Drained Cropland in the Midwest

The IDROP Ten Ways strategies include in-field cropping and management strategies (i.e., practices that reduce nitrate in the root zone), in-field strategies that modify the drainage system (i.e., practices that reduce delivery of nitrate to the field’s edge), and edge-of-field strategies (i.e., practices that remove nitrate at the edge of the field or downstream).

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Transforming Drainage Project

Transforming Drainage is a 5-year, 8-state project led by a core group of 15 leading agricultural engineers, soil scientists, agronomists, economists, social scientists, and database and GIS specialists with a common vision — to transform the way drainage is implemented across the agricultural landscape.

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Transforming Drainage Rate Calculator

This tool calculates the three standard coefficients (drainage rates) for characterizing the hydraulics of subsurface drainage systems.

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ISAP Risk Managment Conference Recordings

ISAP’s bi-annual Risk Management Conference highlights the use of soil health and conservation drainage practices as tools to mitigate production risk.

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MCCC Illinois Cover Crop Recipes

These recipes provide an introductory approach to integrating a cover crop into a corn-soybean rotation.

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