Conservation Effects Assessment Project: Publications

USDA’s Conservation Effects Assessment Project, CEAP, provides a suite of publications highlighting the effects of voluntary conservation across the nation’s working lands. The site compiles reports, articles fact sheets, and webinars on topics including crop lands, grazing lands, wetlands, wildlife, and watersheds.

Soil Health Assessment

This video series produced by University of Illinois Extension demonstrates three creative ways to assess the soil health of your farm.

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SARE Interactive Exploration of Soil Health

More and more, producers are understanding that healthy soils are more productive and lead to healthier crops. Dig into this interactive infographic to learn more about sustainable production practices that can help build healthy soil. Explore the on-farm benefits of using cover crops, crop rotation, manure amendments, composting and more on the complex web of life below the surface of the soil.

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NRCS Soil Health Fact Sheets

NRCS Soil Health Fact Sheets provide information on soil health for all growers – from the general basics to the specific details.

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NRCS Soil Health

Soil health is defined as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, bountiful crops and forests, productive grazing lands, diverse wildlife, and beautiful landscapes.

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