Advanced Conservation Drainage Training


Advanced Conservation Drainage Training provides intensive classroom and hands-on training for drainage designers, contractors, farmers, farmer advisors, retailers, and conservation practitioners to better understand the implementation and functioning of edge of field practices. Topics covered include not only technical details on planning, designing and construction, but also an introduction on why the practices are needed, the science behind why they work, the programs available for helping farmers implement them, and training on messaging, communication, and outreach to farmers on the benefits of a whole system approach to drainage.

Attendees will attend three, two-day sessions, over a six-month period creating a strong network of knowledgeable experts who can share consistent information. This will help streamline the process for farmers and make conservation drainage a standard part of tile installation and farm management. The training series will repeat and cover various parts of the state with a focus on local resource concerns, local conditions, and local partners.

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For more information, contact:
Adrienne Marino or (734) 358-7640