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Join us! The members of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership will be hosting a state-wide Risk Management Conference on June 19th in Normal, Illinois. We’ll be bringing in farmers and their advisors, researchers, and supply chain partners to talk about soil health and water management from a risk management perspective through presentations, discussion panels, and interactive conversations about weather, production...

Show Me the Money

When trying to promote new practices there’s often a change needed in the cropping rotation or in the current farming operation. I am often told by farmers to “show them the money”.  I know that economics is not the only thing that drives farmers to make changes on their farms, but it is an important factor in their decision-making process. ...

A Successful Second Series: Advanced Soil Health Training Workshop

From the classroom to the field, Illinois agricultural professionals came together for a second series of the Advanced Soil Health Training Workshop (ASHT) to build their knowledge of the practices and principles that improve soil health. Click HERE to read more!  

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A growing number of farmers and ranchers from across the country are using cover crops and soil health management systems to improve the health and productivity of their soil. “Unlocking the Secrets in the Soil"  

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