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Spring Quarterly Alphabet Soup Meeting


9:00 am         Coffee and Networking
9:45 am         Welcome and Introductions
10:15 am      Updates – resources and programs

  • Woody Woodruff – Illinois Stewardship Alliance Training Videos
  • Advanced Soil Health Training
  • Advanced Conservation Drainage Training
    • ISAP Risk Management Conference
    • ISAP Event Calendar – group activity to try out online submission or to fill out cards for April
    • New Extension Watershed Coordinators – Jennifer Woodyard
    • Other updates?

11:00 am      Local flavor – What’s different about northern Illinois?

  • Local issues/programs – Philip Alberti, Daryle Wragge, Marty McManus
  • NW Illinois Planning – Carrie Zethmayr, The Land Institute (invited)
  • Cover crops and grazing – Dean Oswald
  • Next steps for northern Illinois – planning for Advanced Soil Health Training and S.T.A.R.

12 noon         Lunch and Networking – sponsored by The Zea Mays Foundation
1 pm               Creating local farmer led networks

  • Sara Walling, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture (invited)

2 pm               Spotlight – NW IL farmer led network success stories/case studies

  • Tri-county Farmer Network – Dean Oswald
  • Nutrient Stewards of Northern Illinois – Malcolm Stambaugh

2:15 pm         Rainfall simulator / desktop soil demo training
3pm                Wrap Up and Adjourn

Next meeting – Aug/Sept in SE Illinois –  Future lunch sponsorship opportunities available!

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    May 10, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm UTC+0

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