Remote Sensing Data Coordinator

Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) is seeking a data coordinator to develop remote sensing workflows for interpreting satellite imagery of farmland acres enrolled in our research and incentive programs. You will join a research effort studying how cover crops influence the resilience of Midwestern corn-soybean production systems. As part of the project, PFI wants to use satellite imagery to assess how variables such as cover crop growth and how frequently they are used in a field affect cash crop yield over time.

You will also help monitor cover crop acres supported by our incentive programs and create detailed maps and spatial analyses for reporting to farmers, funders and other interested parties. Furthermore, we anticipate opportunities for exploring innovative approaches to enhance data collection, processing and analysis techniques.

We expect this work to result in at least one peer-reviewed publication that you will author. We also expect you to contribute interpretations and data visualizations to public-facing research reports and user-friendly online dashboards.