Cropping Systems Research Coordinator

Practical Farmers of Iowa’s (PFI) research department is primarily responsible for our Cooperators’ Program. Since 1987, this innovative program has been a central platform for farmer-led curiosity and knowledge-sharing. Through the program, farmers design and conduct timely and relevant on-farm research to answer questions about their farms and share what they’ve learned with others. We believe that real-world, applied research on farms is critical for building a better agricultural system. We also help farmers engage in meaningful dialogue and promote the exchange of ideas that blossoms into new research projects.

PFI is seeking seeking a cropping systems research coordinator to lead some of our ongoing multisite on-farm research projects across the Midwest. One project explores the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on corn yield, financial returns and greenhouse gas emissions in production systems using soil health practices. Another project is looking at how cover crops influence the number of days suitable for fieldwork in corn-soybean production systems.

In this role, you will also perform meta-analyses of existing on-farm research data sets including, but not limited, to the effect of no-till and strip-till in cover crop systems and the effect of planting corn and soybeans into living cover crops (planting green).

We expect this work to result in at least two peer-reviewed publications that you will author. We also expect research results to be interpreted and visualized with farmers as the target audience in accessibly written research reports and through user-friendly online interfaces (e.g. Shiny app dashboard).