Case Study Conservation Agronomist

Reporting to the Agricultural Economics & Water Resources Research Manager, in the Water Initiative division, the two Case Study Conservation Agronomists will write at least three to six case studies each per year over two years featuring “soil health successful” producers, and produce associated education and outreach materials for partners to use to help persuade “soil health curious” producers to adopt reduced tillage, cover crops, nutrient management, conservation crop rotation, mulching, and compost application.

As an integral part of the AFT Program team, the Case Study Conservation Agronomists will accelerate the production of compelling, easy-to-read case studies that quantify the economic, water quality, and climate outcomes associated with soil health practices implemented by row crop and almond growers. They will also have the opportunity to influence future design and production of AFT materials to assist farmers in the adoption of conservation practices. AFT and our partners have produced 13 case studies in 6 states (CA, IL, OH, OK, NY, and PA) using the R-SHEC Tool Kit, and we want to produce at least 12 more over two years in new geographies and cropping systems.