ISAP is committed towards providing a suite of resources available to conservation practitioners to help amplify our shared message. Read more below to view our different resources.


  1. Rainfall Simulator:
    • Interested in using ISAP's rainfall simulator for your next upcoming event or field day? Sign-up today for your next event or field day!
  2. Farm Demonstration Sites:
    • Several on-farm Demonstration Sites have been established in Illinois to combine agronomic and conservation practices demonstrations with water quality monitoring. Click here to view these sites. 
  3. Free Water Confidential Testing:
  4. Soil Health Factsheets:
  5. Cover Crops 101:
    • Planting cover crops shouldn't be confusing, click here on our Cover Crops 101 page to help guide you.
  6. Advanced Soil Health Training Graduate Materials:
    • Are you a previous Advanced Soil Health Training Graduate? Our password protected page will give you all the materials covered during the workshop series.
  7. Conservation Story Map:
    • Illinois has a wide array of engaging stories and conservation practices. Check out the Conservation Story Map to read more.
  8. S.T.A.R. Program:
    • Farmers who are interested in adopting new practices or starting the journey to improved soil health can benefit from having a longer-term plan and clear expectations of the steps involved by signing-up for the S.T.A.R Program.

For more information please view our Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership Shared Resource List