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Catalog of Soil Health Educational Resources

Soil plays a critical role in our lives - it provides nutrition in the food we eat; filters our water; cleans our air; provides habitat for wildlife and pollinators; sequesters carbon; and sustains the livelihoods of millions of farmers and ranchers worldwide who preserve and nurture this precious resource. The Soil Health Institute Communications and…
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Planning Ahead… Strategic Residual Herbicide

Planning to plant covers this fall? Plan your residual herbicide strategy accordingly. The increased adoption of soil residual herbicides in soybeans to control herbicide resistant weeds could result in carryover into fall planted cover crops. If you plan to plant covers this fall and had to adjust your herbicide program this spring it is a…
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Soil Health Profiles

A growing number of farmers and ranchers from across the country are using cover crops and soil health management systems to improve the health and productivity of their soil. “Unlocking the Secrets in the Soil"  
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